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Nail “Craze”

Wet N Wild Craze Nail Polish

Wet N Wild Craze Nail Polish

Was perusing the makeup aisle of Walgreens when I came across Wet N’ Wild’s Craze nail polish line. My eyes immediately zoomed in on Glitz (shown below). Am totally loving this color! Will jazz up any modest/conservative ensemble by giving it lots of personality.


Thought on Fashion

One of the great things about the internet is its ability to bring everything and everyone together.  Without a doubt, it’s brought many people opportunities that otherwise wouldn’t have been possible if the technology didn’t exist.   

Of particular interest to me is the fact that the internet has allowed average people like myself entry into a world once occupied only by the aesthetic elite: fashion.  Because of the internet, that amazing pair of boots that you’ve been lusting after is just a click away.  Because of the internet, you can be front row and center at the runway show of the fashion world’s most praised designer.  Because of the internet, your dream job as a fashion writer is closer than ever. 

One of the things that I like to do is peruse sites like the fashion section of or read the columns of bloggers like just to see what people are wearing.  I’ve even entertained fanciful thoughts of becoming a fashion blogger and posting photos of myself modeling my chic clothes.  The only thing hindering me, unfortunately, is the fact that I don’t have “fashionable clothes.”  Heck, I haven’t shopped for clothes in months (not by choice but necessity -i.e. to pay off my student loans, credit card bills, etc.)!  How could I possibly be a fashion blogger if I don’t even have the clothes to prove that I have any fashion sense??  Honestly, the only thing I have to offer is a genuine adoration of the feminine body and a keen eye for the unique and romantic.

Thanks to sites like Chictopia I now possess all the clothes I’ve ever wanted and dreamed (even if it is only virtual). Interestingly, too, it’s sites like these that attest to the fact that fashion is not in the labels.  As expressed by the infamous Coco Chanel, fashion is “in the sky, in the street, fashion has to do with ideas, the way we live, what is happening.” 

Thusly, I will take immense pleasure in combing the internet in order to see what people are wearing (even the weird and offbeat i’m-trying-too-hard-and-it’s-really-obvious ones).  In fact, I’m not going to rule out the possibility that I might have a chance at the whole fashion blogger thing…that is, if I don’t lose interest first.

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