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Editors Closet

Invicta Men's Stainless Steel Watch

Invicta Men's Stainless Steel Watch

I just scored this marvelous Invicta men’s stainless steel watch at Editors Closet.  The retail price was $325 and I purchased it for $49 -WOHOO!  I just love it when I find amazing deals like these.  The watch is a wedding present for my fiance (yep, I’m getting married very soon).

So here’s the lowdown on this fabulous website:  they are purveyors of high end products who host private sales for site members.  The products include apparel, accessories, jewelry, watches and childrens products.  Most, if not all, the products are samples but they are the original brand themselves (or from the official distributor of the brand in the US).  The best part is the products are backed by the original warranties and services (how awesome is that??)!  The website is by invitation or wait list only [which is how I got in but I didn’t wait long (~1-2 weeks)].  They have amazing sales very frequently so, trust me on this one, it’s worth registering and becoming a member!


Sex and the City 2

I won’t spoil it for those of you who haven’t seen the movie so I’ll just say this:  real life just seems so bleak in comparison to all the glamour and beauty that is this movie! 

Of course, the girls were all very beautiful but Cynthia Nixon absolutely shined!  Her striking red hair and creamy skin is a great canvas for all the amazing clothes. 

Carrie sported a few Halston numbers that caught my eye.  After seeing this movie, my curiosity about Halston has piqued…

I think they could have taken more risks with Charlotte’s wardrobe.  Her style is conservative and elegant but we’ve also seen her in episodes past with outfits that are chic AND modern.  The great thing about Charlotte’s character is that she has a naughty side (e.g. the time she cheated on Trey with the gardener).  They could have played on that aspect of her character a little more with ensembles that were more captivating and not so traditional. 

Samantha’s entire wardrobe in this movie was spectacular (as only Samantha could have pulled off).  I especially loved the Miley Cyrus segment.  The amazing dress (which, by the way, I think Samantha actually wore better) should not even be in the same hemisphere as the spiked black choker that Miley wore it with!  This just illustrates the aesthetic difference between the fashionably young and the fashionably wise.   The young wear things to try to be relevant.  The wise wear things because it actually looks good.  Kim Cattrall is amazing and I absolutely love her in this role. 

Note the picture of Carrie’s shoe rack.  I WANT ONE!  In fact, I want her entire closet.  *sigh…I wonder what it’s like to possess such beautiful things.

Sex and the City 2

Sex and the City 2

mark See Things Clearly Brightening Moisturizer

mark See Things Clearly Brightening Moisturizer

mark See Things Clearly Brightening Moisturizer - $16 (1.7 oz)

I found the mark See Things Clearly Brightening Moisturizer while looking for a cost effective skincare solution to tackle my uneven skin tone.  When it first arrived, I used it for about a week.  I didn’t see any remarkable changes so I decided to switch to a Neutrogena brand and ended up using that for awhile.  I didn’t see any striking changes with this product either but continued to use it because it was very lightweight. 

It wasn’t until I ran out of the Neutrogena that I switched back to the mark STCB Moisturizer.  Two days of use and a car mirror later, I was totally impressed at how incredibly refreshed my skin looked.  Usually, I have to wear powder or liquid foundation to get a smooth, even finish.  On this particular day, however, I wore neither and my skin still looked healthy, moisturized and even toned.  Two more days of observation and I was convinced it had been the mark STCB Moisturizer that caused the change.  I must not have been paying close enough attention the first time because with this product I can actually walk out of the house with nothing on my face but eyeliner, mascara and blush and still look great!   

Avon has proven time and again why they are considered leading skin care innovators.

Stella Sheer

Stella McCartney Sheer

Stella McCartney Sheer - $62 (3.3oz)

I just found out that Stella McCartney has a new limited edition perfume called Stella Sheer.  As if looking at the bottle weren’t enough to stimulate the senses (the rose decorated bottle is designed by renowned artist Phillip Jones), the perfume also combines my two favorite scents:  roses and amber!  I’m super excited about adding this to my perfume collection.

Couture Allure

Great vintage pieces on  These are first glance finds (pieces that first caught my eye from briefly scanning the inventory).  They have an impressive stock of vintage couture if you can spare a few pretty pennies.  😉

1. Adele Simpson Gold Brocade Cocktail Dress – $65
2. Victoria Royal Mod Black Sequin Wrap Dress – $95
3. Orange Wool Top & High Waist Skirt Dress – $145
4. Ferragamo Metallic Knit Dress – $75
5. Carmelo Pomodoro Black Silver Sequin Mini Skirt – $135

Valentino Sequin Embellished Top

Valentino Sequin Embellished Top

Valentino Sequin Embellished Top

This top is gorgeous!  I love how they’ve turned a seemingly plain shirt into something with lots of personality and style.  Adorned with sequins, diamante-encrusted tulle and edged with frayed satin ribbon.  Yours for $790!

Bottega Veneta Cocolave Crocodile Tote

Bottega Veneta Crocodile Tote

Bottega Veneta Crocodile Tote

My jaw nearly dropped to the floor after ogling this pretty little number.  The price is a whopping $24,000!  In medium class terms, this is tantamount to a four door automobile with power everything! 

I can’t help but admit that I’m a little disgusted (to put it mildly) about this tote.  It IS very chic.  Very chic.  I just would not pay $24,000 for it (if I ever had that much to even spend).  At that price, I could buy so many other pieces of clothing that would look just as stylish. 
Two things came quickly to mind.  First, if you’re spending $24,000 on a purse, you probably have too much money for your own good.  In which case, I implore you to spend it on more morally respectable endeavours/establishments.  Second thought: there is something criminal about paying this kind of money for a bag (by criminal I mean our vanity).  Rhetorically, is this the going price for a crocodile’s life these days?  Hopefully, you’re not weighing the answers to this question.  Hopefully, you realize that the life of another being (human or not) is irreplaceable.
I’ve made a decision to be more conscious about practicing safe fashion.  We can still have beauty without sacrificing the lives of other beings.  I hope that you will join me…