Curious Cat Shoulder Bag

Curious Cat Shoulder Bag

Curious Cat Shoulder Bag

Tell me this isn’t cute!  This lovely little shoulder bag is a nice way to pay homage to our feline friends.  I am actually on the lookout for a casual shoulder bag and because I simply adore my three feline babies, once I can spare some change, I will purchase this lovely little bag.  Cats are the fiercest and most captivating creatures so am really excited about this one!   

The bag comes in three colors: olive, orange and sand.  Added bonus: a portion of the cost goes to help fund the vaccination and food of shelter pets.  Donate $29.95 to The Animal Rescue Site and receive this adorable bag!

If you’re a close friend of the furball kind (like I am), you can easily give food & shelter to friends just by donating a free click.  Site sponsors donate funds to various shelters based on the number of clicks they receive.  It’s easy, quick and free (who doesn’t love free, right?????)!  They can even give you email reminders, if you like (something I appreciate since I’m sooo forgetful).  Donate a free click today!

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