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Fifties Couture, Photographed by Olivier Theyskens

My recent obsession with the television show, Mad Men, has sparked a newfound appreciation for 50’s/60’s fashion.  For women of means, it was a time of glamour and sophistication.   Full skirted dresses were fashioned with enough lace and tulle to make the austere styles of the Second World War era easy to forget. 

Olivier Theyskens, with his passion for Parisian couture, was able to capture the decadence of this era with a project for NºD in 2002.  In it and with the help of his assistant, Theyskens photographed six gowns from various couturiers of  the 50’s era in a setting he recreated to mimic the clean, minimal studio setting of the time.  It is a very interesting piece and, for the quality alone, is worth a visit.     


Fifties Couture by Olivier Theyskens

Fifties Couture by Olivier Theyskens

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JPG Eiffel Tower Stockings

Jean Paul Gaultier Fall/Winter 2010-11 Haute Couture

Jean Paul Gaultier Fall/Winter 2010-11 Haute Couture

FINALLY! someone added the right amount of character to this eternal accessory that women will actually be glad to to wear them again.

What better way to spice it up than adding the Eiffel Tower?  The pièce de résistance is, of course, the addition of the world renowned tower on the back of the calves.  Way to leave a lasting impression!  Love it.

Fall 2010 Couture

Seven of  my favorite Fall 2010 Couture pieces from three of my favorite designers: 


 V highlights: trapeze coats, bows (galore!) and ecru lace trimmed with feathers for a fresh, modern appeal.

Elie Saab

 ES highlights: lots of tulle, chiffon, sequins and lace classically draping the feminine form, showcasing the same and ever popular asymmetrical lines from collections past.

Christian Dior

CD highlights: strong, vibrant colors sashayed down the runway in floral inspired pieces that had been feathered, ruched and ruffled.  The end result was like a bouquet come to life (just breathtaking).  Galliano, ever the genius when it comes to vision, does not disappoint! 

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