All NewCos are TechCos & the Implications are Huge

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I found myself, once again, in a debate with my friends on whether the Silicon Valley real estate market is currently in a bubble. Could the prices keep going up? And that’s when it dawned on me. They will. No doubt. Why? Because from here on out, all new companies are going to be tech companies. Full stop.

Oh, but you say, what if I went and created a car company? You mean Tesla? That’s a tech company. Or what if I were to start a grilled cheese restaurant chain? Yep – that one’s a tech company too. Or how about a chocolate factory? Todd and Cam are literally writing their own software to operate and measure their chocolate factory because they’re so displeased with the off-the-shelf options at their disposal!

In today’s world, if you’re starting a NewCo and it’s not, at a foundational level, a…

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